snowed fire escape

snowed roof tops

snowed street

snowed cars one

snowed cars two

snowed bike one

snowed bike two

dismount snowed bike

snowed walk bridge

snowed bottles

snowed highway

snowed The Authority

frozen trip tips

snowed truck stocked

crossing snowed avenue

frozen pizza

snowed garbage cans

snowed kids glide

no frozen smile

It is hard to say if it is a smile or salt that is going provide an answer for snow clearing – a smile with a grain of salt ?

Also the city seem to promote and sustain on most ‘artificial ‘ devices re-named ‘sophisticated ‘,  here too, nature does knock at peoples doors sometimes. It is even possible to learn good lessons from a blizzard providing it was your luck day with no urgency threatening  your life.  A woman was force to deliver her child in some building corridor – the ambulance never made it – she lost her child. Snow flakes like humans faces may be less pure than they may appear.

Even if it does not strike us, external events – including weather ones – should be given great consideration as someone somewhere is paying a price – could this be a message for this new ‘westerner’ coming year?

Remaining yours, truly


Anne · January 3, 2011 at 2:15 am

Beautiful images! Deep snow and deep thoughts.

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