Talent, dedication and wiliness to learn from its own cultural origin and most importantly bringing it to life and generously sharing it…

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To make it to the end of the 7 line train [ Flushing New York] on a cold Sunday afternoon may raise on your some frustrations. Mainly because it would be the day the transport authorities have decides to fix the line, at the expenses of your conveniences you find out you have no option but to reroute yourself – taking a small bus from Chinatown would have been a better deal. Out of the station, menacing airplanes are flying scary low over the roofs houses, although you maybe the only one noticing it, it rises on me some concerns of an other type of transportation deficiency. Mind you, probably not worse than the Con Ed’s 4 chimneys fossil fuel emissions electric plant near my back yard! As if living in ‘liberating modern time’ meant acceptance to endure! And than, where to look for balance and harmony?

Stepping inside the Public Library will be your ultimate reward. Watching the performance from the New York Opera Society will switch you mood,…now come your relief of finding yourself out of this city , back to thousands of years, as soon as the first instrument string starts to …meow!

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Photographes & texts copyright © Raymond Verdaguer 2015

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